Amstrad Action

FA Cup Football

Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Virgin Games
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20

FA Cup Football 87

A re-release of the same game from last year. It's got updated data for this season but is otherwise unchanged. Little action and slow to play - you have to wait a long time for the draw to be made. Don't get it if you bought it last year.


Graphics 10%
N. Just Text of different sizes.

Sonics 15%
N. Occasional crowd noise and an anthem.

F. A. Cup Football

Grab Factor 45%
P. Gets some of the atmosphere of the cup competition.
N. Lots of boring pauses.

Staying Power 30%
P. Not bad as a multi-player game (up to 8 can play).
N. Little skill involved.

Overall 37%
Had little going for it last year and less this time.

Bob Wade

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