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Amstrad Action

By Virgin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #24


Virgin missed the election by a mile when Election finally hit the streets, but if I know them they'll just re-release it the next time an election comes around. As a game it still holds together anyway, and you don't need all the hype surrounding the real thing to appreciate it.

You can take the role of one of the five party leaders: Matcher, Ninnock, Owing, Pig-iron or Pauls (the leader of the Idealist party composed of celebrities). The task of each is to get 101 votes by a mixture of dodgy dealings.

There are 40 characters in the game and many other votes that can be gained at named locations. Some characters start off with party allegiances and can help you in your task to win others over. The main method of getting votes is dropping manifestos in named locations, each location gaining you ten votes.

As you race around the 108 locations you can access a menu of options. You can take, drop, give, ask, order, pause, canvass or slur. Take, drop and give refer to objects; ask, order, canvass and slur refer to people.

Objects in the game can be given to people as incentives or to increase your slurring power. Some objects enhance your credibility rating (resistance to slurring) or the financial incentives (bribes) you can give.

You can ask characters what they think of you or ordering them to help you. If they aren't co-operative you can try to canvass them to win them over to your side, or resort to slurring them to reduce their credibility to zero and putting them out of action for a while.

The game is entertaining with funny touches and an interesting task. I found it difficult to get anywhere because it's extremely difficult to build support, not helped by occasional crashes. I think the path to victory needed to be better thought out but otherwise it's an enjoyable game.

Second Opinion

Not my type of game, but it will appeal to those who enjoy a spot of electioneering.

Green Screen View

Few graphics. All visible.

First Day Target Score

Get over 50 votes.


Graphics 59%
P. Good caricatures of the politicians.
N. Most locations are plain and uninteresting.

Sonics 47%
N. Similar to Geoffrey Howe's speeches.

Grab Factor 68%
P. Interesting exploring and trying to win votes.
N. Crashed several times!

Staying Power 67%
N. Difficult to get elected.
N. Several different electioneering tactics possible.

Overall 67%
A bit late - but enjoyable still.

Bob Wade

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