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Home Computing Weekly

European Knowledge
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Educational software for the Electron is rare even now. This is a straightforward package to test the knowledge of youngsters in a variety of areas connected with Europe.

Using the excellent graphic capabilities of the Electron the main screen shows a multi-coloured map of Europe with good accuracy and an attractive appearance.

The screen is then divided into three sections. The four possible answers and the third an enlarged map of the country with better defined boundaries and a pointer to the main map.

The questions, chosen at random, are presented in sets of four per country. They usually start with the name of the country and then branch out into a number of questions. The capital might be requested, the name of a famous person from the country, the language or currency and even the names of large towns.

This variety is one of the notable features of this game and tends to make it much less boring. A good rote learning program with few frills but of a good, solid, standard.