Sinclair User

Dick Tracy

Author: Garth Sumpter
Publisher: Titus
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #109

Dick Tracy

Dick isn't too good a name to have. Most people these days who shorten Richard seem to prefer Rick or Rich. I suppose life could be too violent if everyone shouted out, "Hey, Dick!"

But not so if your name happens to be Dick Tracy, America's No 1 fictional detective has already been seen in this country on garish celluloid as Warren Beatty brought the character to life in the film version. Now, it's the time of the computer game and it's almost as hard 'as the man himself.

You are Dick (phwoor!), and you must clear all the (gangsters from the streets. A task that you might relish but one that certainly won't be too easy.

Dick Tracy

The game has a severe case of the scrolls (Aaaargh!) and Dick must fight, shoot and leap his way from left to right, overcoat tails flying out behind him until he has made the streets safe for the good people of America (what BOTH of them?)

You begin with no weapons but after beating up a few of the thugs, one of them will drop a gun. Once Dick has picked this up, the odds turn his favour.

The end of each level is marked by the appearance of the end of level boss. And be sure, they're the boss 'cos they've always got a bigger weapon that you have (fnar!)

Good graphics and a good gameplay however, does not hide the fact that Dick Tracy is far too easy - it's even possible to load in any one of the four.

Label: Disney Software Memory: 48/128K Price: £10.99 Tape, £14.99 Disk Program By: Herve Trisson Levels: 5 No of Loads: 4 Reviewer: Garth Sumpter

Overall Summary

Great game, great graphics but definitely a game for those who like to finish a game quickly. It's just TOO easy.

Garth Sumpter

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