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By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #110

Night Shift

Good job opportunities are not so easy to come by these days - unless you happen to land a job with Industrial Might and Logic.

In US Gold's latest offering you are an employee with a mission. The factory makes dolls by heating resin, and using conveyor belts to get the heads and bodies to the bonding unit. The output of the factory is totally automated and it's your task to make things run smoothly and increase output. If you do, you'll be increasing your own input of large houses, fast cars and all the other trappings of success. (Except ulcers, playing gold and being extremely boring and talking about yourself a lot!)

Industrial Might and Logic, have equal opportunities; you decide to be either male or female at the start - and opportunity denied the rest of us without the recourse to expensive and painful surgery.

As Fred or Fiona Fixit, you must rectify the lack of productivity at the automated factory by leaping around the massive machinery and making sure that the Beast runs like clockwork.

To do this you have your trusty toolbox containing the seven tools at your disposal - your hands for pulling switches and turning valves; spanners for tightening bolts that come undone: matches which you need to light the Bunsen burner that heats the resin; an umbrella which you can use to get from the top of the Beast-like machine to the bottom quickly and a balloon to get you to the top.

The last two items seem unlikely things to find in a toolbox; a Venus Fly Trap and a vacuum cleaner. Use them to get rid of the ruddy annoying lemmings that turn up to trouble you.

It's a very complicated game; you must make sure that each production process is fully working in order to produce your dolls. But, it's highly entertaining. The graphics are good and colour has been used selectively to good effect. And with 30 levels of the machine to uncover, should keep you working at it for hours - even into your own Nightshift.

Overall Summary

You'll just hampster buy this. An involved game, that's addictive, and humourous once you've taken the trouble to get into it. Mice one!

Garth Sumpter

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