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Death Mines Of Sirus
By Phoenix
Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer Games #3

Death Mines Of Sirus

Action and adventure in a pack together is hardly a new idea, but Phoenix's latest issue is designed to appeal to fans of both camps. In this case, you must get through the action game before you can attempt the adventure.

Lunar Lander is the action, but it's an impressive version of it. You must rescue the miners before you run out of fuel or rockets. The graphics are very good, and the joystick works well.

The game must be played through to the bitter end, in order to pick up clues - such as "If you can't speak Siran, get a translator; - and the running code for the adventure.

You then join Captain Phoenix for the adventure. The pair of you have to find the antidote for the fungus (deadly, of course), while your crippled spacecraft is repaired.

If you are looking for an easy adventure, forget it. You start with basically a series of choices, and the wrong one results in your death.