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Up Periscope
By Beyond
Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer Games #3

Up Periscope

At first sight, this is a complicated version of Battleships. Your aim is to guide your convoy through the wolfpack of submarines, and so to safety. The complex rules cover all eventualities, are easy to follow, and have been thoughtfully laid out on the inlay.

You select one or two players, the number of submarines, and the numbers of the convoy that must get through within a time limit.

The game loaded without problems, but in common with many other Dragon graphic games, it uses POKE 65495,0 to double the processor's running speed. This can crash some machines, but editing and deleting the relevant line before running - in this case part of line 151 - will prevent this.

The two-player version lacked the appeal of the one-player option - you both use the same joystick and play is alternate rather than simultaneous.

To protect your convoy of six supply ships, you have six destroyers. All moves are based on a hexagonal plan, and a menu is displayed throughout.

If you play against the Dragon, you have the option of watching the moves it makes, thus making it easier to plan your attack. However, playing blind against the Dragon was very challenging.

The graphics are very good, as is the sound, which is used sparingly. Keyboard operation is available, but harder to master. Joysticks are ideal for this game.

All in all, a very pleasing game to play requiring skill and some thought.