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Transylvanian Tower
By Richard Shepherd
Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer Games #3

Transylvanian Tower

Count Dracula's castle is the setting for this ghoulish graphic adventure. In it, you must find your way through five floors of the castle, bump the Count off, and then steal the treasure.

You start at the dungeon - and move up floor by floor, and each floor has a hundred rooms. Some rooms are dead ends, and the game is basically a maze. The instructions are clear, and repeated on the cassette inlay in case you miss the screen display.

The arrow keys move you from room to room, and at the start a floor plan is available. The dungeon's floor is more a familiarisation session rather than the game proper.

Each room gives a 3D impression, but the graphics are average. Having mastered the dungeons, you move up to level two. Here bats appear, plus a variety of weapons to help you fend them off. At first, I thought that being limited to three objects to carry at once was a bit mean, but objects do get used up constantly as you go along.

One object - the magic apple - is supposed to get you on to the next floor, but whether my batch of apples had bugs or maggots, I don't know. They didn't work for me!

Once I struggled through the game to the end, I found little in it to make me want to play it again. A well-written program, but a disappointing one to play.