Home Computing Weekly


Author: M.B.
Publisher: Cases Computer Simulations
Machine: Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

Now you have the opportunity to give J.R. a taste of his own medicine.

The screen displays Texas with map reference letters on the left and top. On the right is the state of your account. You have $100m in your account. Before you can begin you give your company a name.

The idea is to amass enough to take control of "J.R. Euing Associates". This you do by getting a survey done on as many areas as you want, using the map references. This seismic survey at times can give you wrong reports, so use them as guidelines only. When bids for oil concessions are asked for, you may make your bid. If accepted, you are free to explore. At all times, the cost of moving the platform and drilling is indicated, and the state of J.R. Euing Associates' finances is displayed from time to time.

You may be able to go into production and lay pipelines. This increases your assets and helps you in the takeover bid. If you can survive the tornado, sabotage, earthquakes, etc, you'll be able to take over J.R.'s empire. If you fail, he will demand your resignation.


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