Home Computing Weekly


Author: M.B.
Publisher: Incentive
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? Here is your chance to become a millionaire over and over again.

In this game you start off as a software house with one program on the market and a rundown warehouse as your headquarters. The building changes to reflect your prosperity. You are asked to allocate 20 points to various aspects of a good program.

The way in which the points have been distributed will govern how well you do. If your first choice does not result in good sales, you are given another opportunity. There is also a news bulletin which comments on your performances. There is also a graph which displays the level of your sales. You might have to skate on thin ice and use dubious methods to boost your sales at times. To help you is a chap called Honest Harry. He always has something guaranteed to increase your sales, but listening to him can land you in court. So it is wise not to reply too much on Harry.

What I particularly like about this game is that Incentive have redefined the text, this gives the program a touch of quality. A facility to save the game position would have really made it great.


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