Chicago 30s

Author: Phil South
Publisher: U. S. Gold
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Computer & Video Games #93

Chicago 30s

Listen to me, see. Youse boys have come down here, and you're trying to muscle in on my action. Okay guys, let 'em ave it! Rrrat tat tat tat tat... Happy Valentines Day...

Yes, it's an old gangster movie, and Spanish software house Toposoft has spared nothing to bring you that authentic cinema feel. The game takes place on a movie screen in front of rows of seats; there's even a pianist at the bottom of the screen to accompany the action.

You are a detective called Elliot whose mission in life is to stop crime in the city and deal a heavy blow to the beer barons of 1930's Chicago. Or to put it another way, he strolls through four levels splattering bits of mobster all over the scenery with his machine gun. That's my kind of law enforcement. You basically have to negotiate The Levels, The Port, The Suburbs, The City and the Clandestine means secret and not, as you might think, the scientist who made a big bloke with a bolt through his neck. This is a public information flash for the hand of thinking.)

Chicago 30's

In practice this is just a standard shoot-'em-up, free from annoying tricky things like plot or anything like that.

This is far from being a put down of the game. It's a really good blast-'em-up, and for those of us who have an itchy trigger finger it's non-stop action all the way.

So don't pack your brain when you go to play it. Leave it at home on the side, but put a tissue under it 'cos it leaves a stain on the wood.


Chicago 30's

Fast and colourful - it makes a change from all those little metallic spaceships whizzing around. Highly recommended to blasting fans.

Atari ST

Okay, so the graphics are much improved in this version, but the theme tune is still like having rivets put in your forehead.


Benefits from extra colour, but otherwise virtually identical to the Spectrum version.

Phil South

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