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Bobby Bearing
By The Edge
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #8

Bobby Bearing

A quick glance at this game and you immediately think of it as a Gyroscope/Spnidizzy/Kirel clone. Well, aren't you the little games expert, then! Actually, you're wrong. It happens to be a similar style, but in no way is it an the same nesting box at all, petal.

You are, predictably enough, Bobby Bearing, a spherical (no ball gags, puh-leez) droid, charged with retrieving his buddies. Through some painful twist of plot, all your chums are scattered around tho 3D viewpoint maze, and it's up to you to shove them along from behind (Ooo!) until they're safely back in the recess from whence they came.

As you can probably picture, shoving a smooth metal ball along with another smooth metal ball isn't the easiest task in the world. Yup, like all the best games it's easy to learn, but **S%!! hard to play. To make it not just annoying but plain intolerable, there are a host of hazards to contend with. Evil black droids lurk in cubby holes to bounce you, magnets and switches divert you and activate lifts out of turn. And worst of all, platforms pound some intersecting corridors like steam hammers - you have to time your passage very carefully indeed if you don't want to get squashed flat.

The graphics on this game are brilliant - they delight the viewer, and entertain as much on their own as the gameplay itself. Bobby's movements are very realistic, and his mobility and inertia, considering he's a fictional droid, are fascinating to watch. In fact it's so nice to look at that you spend most of the first hour just watching what the program can do - blow playing it!

Just when you think you've seen 'em all, something rolls around the corner and taps you on the leg and trills 'Hi, I'm a new and totally original game called Bobby Bearing. Buy Me!'

Phil South

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