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Your Sinclair

Camelot Warriors
By Ariolasoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #13

Camelot Warriors

Lawks a mussy! Stap me vitals! Great thundering egads and plenty of thees and thous... 'tis but a little slip in time twixt the place of thy birth in the 20th Century and where thou findeth yourself enow! Gad me zooks! Alone and friendless in a medieval setting... yipes. Ten out of ten for picturesque woodland, minus several million for the evil druid and all the eye clawing owls and flesh eating spiders.

Good job you found a sword though, 'cos that's the only way you'll get anywhere, by thrashing everything you meet into bite-size pieces. (Swish, squelch!) In order to escape this flashback into forsoothery, you've got to collect four elements from your own century and present them to the guardian of each world you enter. The different worlds (the Forest, Lake, Cave and finally Castle Camelot) each have a different magical guardian which you must best before progressing onto the next. Each world is linked to the next by a magic portal, which you must also find.

This is a jaunty little platform jape in knight's clothing, with a few nicely animated monsters to get your blood up, but not enough action to really get you excited. The control you have on your character seems a little stiff, which is a shame as you have to perform a lot of very closely bunched jumps, turns and strikes in order to get through the first screens. But not bad at all if you're a platform freak looking for a new Left/Right/Jump-arama to best. The graphics aren't bad, with few attribute problems, and all that with multicoloured sprites too! It certainly made me Laughalot.

Phil South

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