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By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #24

I have never been nor will I ever become more than a very mediocre chess player. Apart from the fact that I was soundly beaten on every game, the program is very useable and well presented.

The graphic display of the board is good, although the very bright red and green become a little wearing after a time. This is aggravated by screen judder if you forget to turn off the interlace before use.

Moves are entered straightforwardly using the now standard algebraic notation. Illegal moves are trapped, and more advanced moves, castling and en passent, are very easily carried out. Play is on a choice of six levels - I dread to think what level 6 is like.

As well as the standard game there are options for blitz chess (10 seconds! They must be joking!), analysis and replay. The latter two will appeal to the more expert amongst us who like to go over old games.

Instructions are provided on the cassette insert and are very brief but none the less adequate. For those who like to ponder, there is a facility to save part played games to tape.


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