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Home Computing Weekly

Killer Gorilla
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #27

Put on your hard hat and wellies, rush along to the building site and rescue the fair maiden from the clutches of King Kong's brother.

You'll need quick reactions to play Program Power's version of this game that sends your hero climbing about a partly built skyscraper, gathering the young lady's dropped possessions as he goes.

Just to make life more interesting, the gorilla keeps throwing down a constant barrange of building site debris to obstruct the rescuer's climb.

Points are awarded for a speedy rescue and the number of reclaimed possessions. As with most games of this type, completion of one level is rewarded by being placed in an even more difficult situation for the next.

Excellent graphics and sound effects with good use of colour. I think the effect is better if the interlace is turned off, though, as this stops the screen judder.


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