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The Quest For The Holy Grail
By Epic
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

"So you want to be a Knight?" boomed Arthur - King, to you - avoiding all the usual cliches, "Find the Holy Grail, then!" So, what does a knight errant do? Off he goes!

The game loaded perfectly and played well, using mode 7 colours to good effect. With over 230 locations there is quite a lot to discover and many hazards to overcome.

The first two characters you are likely to run into are the blue and the black knights. Some characters are friendly, some not so - it's up to you to discover which.

The game can be saved to disc but defaults to the tape filing system when saving a game.

As you are not told which exits are in view you must try every direction - just to see if there's anything there - and as some can kill this is vital.

The adventure can be mapped with little effort, although special attention needs to be given to certain areas.

You are given a few command words to start and then you are on your own. The game and type of problems it poses are, by now, fairly standard - not necessarily predictable, but very enjoyable for all that.


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