Home Computing Weekly

Black Tower

Author: D.M.
Publisher: Dollarsoft
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

An adventure game, featuring a picture of George Orwell on the loading screen for some reason! The adventure is illustrated in most locations with very simple, almost crude, line drawings. Whilst input from the keyboard is accepted swiftly, the interpreter only accepts simple statements, and the program takes quite a while to respond.

The plot centres around the Black Tower and your quest is to find three keys and a scroll, taking them to the hut whence you start. Also in the hut is Josh, your friendly resident kleptomaniac, who seems to have designs on everything you collect. Attempting to kill him is not recommended, and neither is asking for help... there isn't any!

The instructions on the inlay card are the rather traditional unhelpful adventure type, dealing very briefly with input and loading. Though the inlay also says "An exciting adventure set in the magical lands surrounding the mysterious Black Tower. Meet exciting people, visit interesting places..." I couldn't really summon up any enthusiasm for this. It's a rather over-priced, ordinary adventure with nothing special to commend it.


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