Home Computing Weekly

Asteroid Miner
By Optima
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Another space game but, unlike most others, it has none of the fast shoot-'em-up appeal. This is more a game of strategy.

The most disappointing thing is the poorly-defined single colour graphic shapes which also tend to flicker a great deal, suggesting the game is somewhat late onto the market. They are fairly representational but lack the finesse one now expects.

The strategy element is the scooping up of precious metals from the asteroid storm, keeping your opponent from having them, while at the same time avoiding his neutron mines and the other floating debris. Control is fairly good and responsive and, as is usual in space games, it is the difficulty of manoeuvring that provides the drama.

The asteroids are simply dots - this too suggests this game has missed its time.

There is an element of skill in the movement and avoidance of mines left by the opposition but overall this can only be considered a rather full and unimaginative offering with very little to recommend it.


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