Your Sinclair

5 Computer Hits
By Beau Jolly
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #19

5 Computer Hits

What, Wizard's Lair again? Bubble Bus' old Atic Atac clone is now looking very elderly indeed (May '85). but that hasn't stopped Beau Jolly disinterring it for their Division 2 compilation. The real peach here is Starstrike II (June '86), a much neglected Star Wars-inspired shoot 'em up with superb solid modelled vector graphics. When you consider that the whole package retails for just £6.95, you can see we're talking Serious Bargain here. You also get Global's Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (June '86), a Sweevo-type arcade adventure. Mantronix (July '86) from Probe, a very dull 3D chaseabout rather like Ultimate's recent games, and 2112 AD (March '86), Design Design's early icon driven quest through a computerised future. An interesting and unusual package.

Marcus Berkmann

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