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PC Engine (JP Version)Atomic Robo-Kid Special (Upl)One of the best looking shoot-'em-ups on the PC Engine. The backdrops are colourful and beautifully designed, many of the sprites are superb, and the big (and I mean big) mega-guardians are superb - I've seen nothing like them since R-Type!83%
IBM PCSpace Rogue (Origin Systems)For depth of gameplay, I think Space Rogue knocks spots off Braben's classic Elite. However, the in-flight combat pales in comparison with that game's dog-fighting.96%
Amstrad CPC464War Machine (Players Premier)Superb arcade adventuring action. One of the few budget arcade adventures really worth playing.88%
Amiga 500Dragon's Lair (Readysoft)Looks and sounds absolutely incredible... It's just a shame that there isn't much of a game to play.51%
Commodore 64/128Harrier Attack (Encore)This crumbly old title has aged badly. Its simplistic gameplay, utterly dire graphics and appalling sound effects make it one to avoid at all costs.26%
Commodore 64/128Chain Reaction (Encore)Awful colour, ineffective 3D and dull gameplay... A pile of old waste matter.38%
Atari STSuper Wonder Boy (Activision)This is quite fun... It's not the strongest licence this year by any means, but that shouldn't stop fans snapping it up.84%
Atari STFirst Contact (Rainbird)There's so much in the game means you can play it for ages without getting bored. It's lucky you can save the game to disk because there's so much to do!81%
Amiga 500Power Drift (Activision)Hours of racing thrills in what is surely the best Power Drift conversion the Amiga is capable of.83%
Commodore 64Phobia (Image Works)Apart from the lack of music, Phobia is superb - pretty graphics, extremely addictive blasting gameplay, even the multi-load isn't too intrusive.88%
Atari STSkweek (U. S. Gold)I suspect that more hardened joystick-jocks will find that this isn't really the sort of game that they would want. Good for softies or girlies though.62%
IBM PCTest Drive 2: The Duel (Accolade)This is the one you've been waiting for; all the pretty colours and flash of Test Drive, with a real game added to it. Whether you're a sports car fanatic or not, this is the racing game to catch.90%
Amiga 500Rick Dangerous (Firebird)Barring graphical differences, Rick Dangerous is identical on all formats - so no matter what machine you own, this is an essential purchase.87%
Amstrad CPC464Mig 29 Soviet Fighter (Codemasters)The graphics are jerky and unconvincing, and the gameplay is about as interesting as chatting to Wayne the office rubber plant.35%
Spectrum 48KThe Bobby Yazz Show (Crash)It's not a bad little game, but I think it's the "little" that stops it from being a great one. It's just too short and repetitive to be in any way addictive or lasting.50%
Atari STNebulus (Hewson Consultants)Supporting the gameplay are some tremendous graphics... Whether you're an ST or Amiga version, don't let this classic escape you.96%
Spectrum 48KWanderer 3D (Elite)I didn't like Wanderer much. There just isn't anything in the game to keep you coming back for more.29%
Amiga 500Scorpion (Digital Magic)This is a competently executed game, let down by some easily corrected errors, and suffers from not enough outside criticism before release.69%
PC Engine (EU Version)/TurboGrafix-16 (US Version)Moto Roader (NEC)Speed fiends are recommended to take Moto Roader for a test drive. in the multi-player mode, you'll soon find out who your friends really are!!78%
Amiga 500Run The Gauntlet (Ocean)Ocean have certainly done a great job bringing Run The Gauntlet to our screens, and any sports sim fan after an action-packed game should definitely look this up.82%
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