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BBC Model BZalaga (Aardvark)Ferociously difficult, refreshingly accessible, beautifully drawn and thoroughly addictive.89%
Coleco Vision Games SystemPitstop (CBS Electronics)An ill-judged ROM that adds nothing to what already exists on the market.23%
Spectrum 16KTrom (DK Tronics)A visual nightmare that requires fearsome co-ordination.92%
Oric 48KThem A Paranoid Fantasy (Virgin Games)In short, it's a horribly difficult game. Good job, then, that it's got a sense of humour.64%
Spectrum 48KZig Zag (DK Tronics)Unfortunately, despite the sharp visuals, the gameplay is a trifle monotonous.60%
Atari 2600Space Shuttle (Activision)As a computer flight simulator, Space Shuttle is excellent; as a VCS flight simulator it is truly outstanding.89%
Commodore 64Cybotron (Anirog)As you can only fire in the direction of travel, it is impossible to survive for very long.33%
Coleco Vision Games SystemSuper Action Baseball (CBS Electronics)Both Rocky and Baseball - used with the special Controller - represent the very pinnacle of the dedicated videogame art so far. Pricey but well worth it.89%
Spectrum 48KBaron (Temptation)Reminds me of Lothlorien's old strategy games on the ZX81. In this advanced age, that won't do.33%
BBC Model BGhouls (Micro Power)An original idea beautifully implemented and an absolute must for any games shelf!91%
Spectrum 48KEskimo Eddie (Ocean)A perky use of the computer's limited sound, and a general attention to detail hallmark the craftsmanship by which Ocean has commendably stuck by, and it must be admitted that this is the best Pengo version around.66%
Coleco Vision Games SystemPopeye (Parker Brothers)It's colourful and fast. It's highly addictive. It's a great game. Don't pass it up.90%
Spectrum 48KCity (Terminal)I've always found the desire for micro-board games somewhat curious but this attempt works surprisingly well. Compelling stuff.65%
Spectrum 128KDrift (Zosha Net)This is just a hundred different types of awesome. It has to be experienced to be believed.80%
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3The Legend Of The Prince Frog (Bum Fun)I found getting anywhere all depended to a large degree on luck rather than skill - the frog is difficult to control, frequently not immediately jumping in response to the jump key control, although going left and right works fine.36%
Amiga 500Cadaver 2 The Payoff (Renegade)What makes this levels disk so worthwhile is that designing the original game seems to have been very much a learning experience for the Bitmap Brothers, with resultant improvements in almost every department becoming apparent here.88%
Amiga 500Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash (Krisalis)It doesn't take too long to get the hang of things and as soon as you do, you're in for one of the best ball sport games to come along for a long time.91%
Amiga 500Demoniak (Palace)This is one amazing text adventure. The author, Alan Grant, is highly regarded in the world of comics and his humour and style is clearly evident here.90%
Amiga 500I.K.+ (The Hit Squad)An excellent purchase, well worth getting to involve your mates in some seriously violent fun.100%
Amiga 500Chuck Rock (Core)If you don't take your computer too seriously, you fancy a great laugh and lashing of stomping, puzzle-solving and general fun and chaos, then this is definitely the game for you.91%
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