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Atari STHelter Skelter (Audiogenic)A very jolly game indeed, although the control of the ball is weird to say the least.75%
Spectrum 48KMickey Mouse - The Computer Game (Gremlin Graphics)Gremlin have made a first class job of turning Mickey into good-looking and fun-to-play computer game.65%
Commodore 64Fernandez Must Die (Image Works)Overall, it's just a great game. It's not one you can just pick up a joystick and play, but it's not an impossible task either.80%
Commodore 64/128Netherworld (Hewson Consultants)A great game and one that you should definitely think about splashing out.80%
Dragon 32Sas (Peaksoft)The game promised startling hi-res graphics... The only startling thing about the graphics is their low quality.40%
Commodore 64/128X-29 Fighter Mission (Midas)The solid graphics are the thing that make this game - reminds me a bit of the old Tymac jet fighter shoot-'em-up.73%
Atari STBarbarian (Palace)ST Barbarian has all the finesses and delicacy of the original. A stonking good game.93%
Atari STGalax (Gremlin Graphics)Fun to play, despite some serious flaws.75%
Spectrum 48K/128KNuclear Countdown (Atlantis)Nuclear Countdown is a very good try at 3D and will keep a lot of Spectrum owners happy.68%
Amstrad CPC464Erbert (Microbyte)The game has a choice of ten levels, each with four different screens, so it should keep you amused for some time.78%
Commodore 64Jinn Jenie (Micromega)The graphics have been carefully done, and it's a good idea to use a joystick as the action is pretty fast.80%
Spectrum 48KFalcon Patrol II (Virgin Games)The graphics are OK, the sound not too hot and gameplay eventually extremely boring. Give this one a miss.50%
Oric 48KAl-Strad (Rhinosoft)A series of cleverly interlocked puzzles, arranged in a well-thought out way to make the game encouragingly easy and satisfying to play at the start.80%
Commodore 64Savage (Firebird)This game pushes the Spectrum even further than anyone believed it could be pushed right at the end of 1988.78%
Atari XE/XLLancelot (Mandarin)Good, although not quite as good as Ingrid's Back and I wouldn't describe it as Level 9's best ever.78%
Atari STHellfire Attack (Martech)Hellfire Attack isn't too bad a game - I enjoyed some of the backgrounds and the frenetic action was sort of fun.56%
Commodore 64Friday The 13th (Domark)Friday The 13th is not a computer "nasty" and contains no more violence than most other computer games. If that disappoints you, Domark have thoughtfully provided two foaming blood capsules for you to chew and spit blood at the computer.70%
Amiga 500The Karate Kid Part 2 (Microdeal)While fighting you are treated to some nice sampled effects, and you really know when you've hit your opponent in a soft spot.60%
Commodore 64The Chess Game (Microclassic)Lots of black marks for the inadequate instructions - but the good news is that The Chess Game is an original and interesting game.78%
Atari STTyphoon (Gremlin Graphics)A game that is reasonably enjoyable to play, has some addictive qualities and some reasonable sound effects.68%
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