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Spectrum 48KNightmare Rally (Ocean)Nightmare Rally is well worth checking out if you're a driving game freak. The only real gripe is the poor old Spectrum's sound.65%
Spectrum 48KOle Toro (Americana)A crude and barbaric game that should never have been released.
Spectrum 48KStreet Hawk (Ocean)This would make a good budget release - but as a full price offering it just doesn't make it.53%
Commodore 64Dante's Inferno (Beyond)Basically Dante's Inferno is a maze adventure. Maps are necessary to avoid being hopelessly lost.73%
Amstrad CPC464Soccer '86 (Loriciels)Not the best soccer simulation on the market. Definitely well offside, Saint!50%
Commodore 64Solo Flight Second Edition (Microprose)Great product - great value. This must be the closest thing to flying short of going up in an aircraft.90%
Spectrum 48KHelichopper (Firebird)Frills like a joystick option, an instruction screens, comprehensive menu screen and a hi-score table don't stop this effort registering a high mark on the old boredometer.40%
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128Shadowfire (Beyond)One for strategy fans, as well as adventure freaks. A good buy.78%
Commodore 64The Very Big Cave Adventure (CRL)Get this... you'll love it!90%
Commodore 64/128Heavy On The Magick (Gargoyle Games)Miss this at your peril.95%
Spectrum 48KBounces (Beyond)A sort of futuristic squash on elastic bands. Good fun.65%
BBC Model BKarate Combat (Superior)If you're a martial arts freak, you've got a choice between Karate Combat and Yie-Ar Kung Fu. You'll probably enjoy both these efforts but I think Karate Combat's the superior product.90%
TI99/4ASuperhod (Parco Electrics)While the graphics are rather Lego-like, they add to the appeal of this quite addictive game.75%
Commodore 64World Series Baseball (Imagine)The game is enjoyable to play and a treat to watch.75%
TI99/4AReturn To Pirate's Isle (Parco Electrics)To those of you who like a little more than the text adventures offered for the TI, take a serious look at this one.90%
BBC B/B+/Master 128Pirate's Peril (Heyley)I would strongly recommend this adventure as an excellent buy.86%
BBC Model BMoon Cresta (Incentive)The graphics are reasonable but the ridiculously simple games concept, minimal sound effects and its slow speed make Moon Cresta a very boring game.30%
BBC Model BAngle Turner (Arnold Wheaton)This is a good example of a structured environment type program offering flexibility, which means that it would make a useful addition to any school's collection of mathematics programs.80%
BBC/ElectronGriddle And Matchplay (Clockwork Computing)Neither program does anything that cannot be done with pen and card, but for all that are useful for the preschool and nursery age child.65%
BBC/ElectronBasic ROM User Guide (Acornsoft/Adder)Offers a good mix of well presented reference material, clear explanation and 'hands on' practice.94%
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