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Commodore 64Quango (Interceptor Micros)Because the maze is so damn sharp on the corners, it's tough to beat hazards which move so quickly.20%
Commodore 64Flyer Fox (Tymac)There are some strange ideas about the art of language but the graphics are pretty neat and all things considered, it's quite a passable game.66%
Commodore 64Kikstart (Mr. Chip)You get to choose lots of nice obstacles to fall from, hedges, barrels, buses, that kind of thing and the controls bear a passing resemblance to the real thing.74%
Amstrad CPC464Galaxia (Kuma Computers)A game to play on Monday mornings. No concentration needed. Just sit down and destroy.82%
Commodore 64Interview (Front Runner)Graphically brilliant, but becomes boring rather quickly.62%
Commodore 64Raid Over Moscow (U. S. Gold)Insubstantial, Candy-Floss software. Though it is fine for the first few minutes, I found that I quickly lost interest.57%
Commodore 64System 15000 (AVS)A nice game. It's safer than hacking for real, lighter on the pocket and, if planting Pershings in the Kremlin is your style, very good practice!78%
Spectrum 48KAstronut (Software Projects)Graphically excellent... Astronut contains fifteen screens, every one better than the last.84%
Spectrum 48KRiver Raid (Activision)Something of a compulsory purchase.88%
Atari 400/800/XL/XEAttack Of The Mutant Camels (Llamasoft)If you enjoy a fast-paced arcade quality game with a difference you should definitely add Camels to your selection.66%
BBC Model BDevil's Causesway (Kaydee)Little more than moving a figure along a line and reacting to a number of naff random challenges! It's totally pathetic.
Acorn Electron21 Games For The Electron (Granada)This book chooses to ignore nearly all of the features which make BBC Basic so good in favour of a style of programming that was out of date ten years ago.56%
Acorn ElectronAssembly Language Programming On The Electron (Addison-Wesley)A sound book that will help many users to learn assembly language programming.77%
Commodore 643D Speed Duel (DK Tronics)The graphics and sound of the game are really awful with terrible track perspective, flat tunes and unrealistic car control. Infinitely better racing games available.28%
Commodore 64The Great American Cross-Country Road Race (Activision)Not much to look at but offers some really challenging and addictive racing... Definitely one of the top three race games.81%
Commodore 64Talladega (Audiogenic)This is an old game, and it suffers from flickery graphics and pretty feeble sound... but it remains pretty addictive and challenging.64%
Commodore 64Pitstop II (U. S. Gold)A superb racing game... It's like playing two improved Pole Positions one on top of the other.95%
Commodore 64Funky Bop Corner Electrosound (Orpheus)An incredible music utility, reasonably easy to use and most professional in its sound capabilities.97%
Commodore 64/128Treasure Island (Mastertronic)Lots of exploring, and if there's a slight dearth of action it's only because the map is so great that you couldn't really have a circus in every spot.84%
Commodore 64The Lurking Horror (Infocom)Another great text adventure in Infocom's usual meticulous style.90%
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