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Wheels Of Fire
By Domark
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #73

Race, chase, thrills and spills. The definitive collection for driving freaks.

Wheels Of Fire

Race, chase, thrills and spills. The definitive collection for driving freaks.

Never before have such epics of the driving arena been brought together into such a definitive package as Wheels Of Fire. No matter what you like best in a race game, it's all here and more just waiting for you to unwrap.

Hard Drivin'

First up in this superb offering is Domark's own Hard Drivin', which will have you risking life and limb around two of the toughest tracks for out and out power and a chance to come up against the awe-inspiring Phantom photon. For the more adventurous of you, the stunt rack will have you all over the place as you battle through the loop-the-loop in a desperate bid to stay on the track.

Featuring stunning 3D graphics and the chance to turn back the clocks to look at your latest disaster in slow motion, Hard Drivin' was a classic in its own right, but its an absolute must as part of a compilation.

Not content to feature only its own creations, Domark have brought together three other blasts from top name software houses to make this a collection not to be missed.

Chase HQ

Ocean's marvellous Chase HQ has you chasing some of the meanest villains in town in a race against the clock. Catch up along the dirt tracks, tunnels and city streets, then ram your message home on the criminal's car. It's tough, but it's a joy to play as you move up the ranks to catch the bigger baddies.

Take up the highways of America in US Gold's riproaring bumper battle across the States. There are 16 gruelling stages in all, as you take your red hot Ferrari 140 through the cities, deserts, mountain snows, tunnels, against some of the toughest opposition in the world.

The race goes on, day and night, rain or shine and all you've got to do is make sure your tyres keep a grip and stay on the road until the finishing line is in sight. Go for gold.

Power Drift

Last, but by no means least, in this superb compilation, is Activision's wacky Power Drift. Have a look at the characters on offer, take your pick, then get ready for some of the craziest race action of all time.

There are twelve drivers in all, so you should work out your favourites before too long.

Get used to their style and take them around each of the 27 stomach-churning circuits to get to the top of the champions' ladder. Each of these games were bestsellers in their own right, superbly presented and each with their own marvellous style of gameplay.


Domark have certainly come up with quite an achievement to bring them all together in one package, so if you're one of those types who yearn for the smell of burning rubber and the sweet sound of crumbling gear changes, look no further than Wheels Of Fire.

There's something here for everybody, from high speed thrills, to death-defying spills and if any one of the above games is not instantly recognisable to you, go out and put that right - now!

Chris Knight

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