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Gemini Wing
By Mastertronic Plus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #79

Gemini Wing

A nastier piece of underhand trickery has yet to be seen since this beautiful blast hit the market. After some particularly violent gutter press, the whole of the universe has declared war on Earth.

Quite a prospect, indeed. However, what they didn't take into account was the ultra hi-tech weaponry the old humanoid scientists could dream up. In particular, the 'Gemini Wing' fighter craft.

Jump aboard and hit the Fire button. In fact, keep your finger glued to the Fire button and you might just safeguard Earth's future.

Gemini Wing

Screaming the fighter's slogan of "Die Mutant Alien Scum!" may help, but sheer firepower will save the day as wave upon wave of organic mutants fill the screen and spell your destiny.

Hit the smaller crawlies and you'll get yourself a very handy gunball, offering anything from a three-way fireball, to the windscreen wiper of death. All very handy things to have in your armoury.

But, and this is where the skullduggery comes in, if you happen to be playing in two player mode, and your partner's got more gunballs than you, why not pinch them for yourself.

Very nasty, what? Oh yes, guaranteed to cause needle and give more of an edge to this excellently conceived shoot-'em-up.

As a budget offering, you simply cannot afford to miss Gemini Wing. Just watch your blood pressure in the heat of the battle is my only advice.

Chris Knight

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