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By System 3
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #71

Fight for family honour against the crimelords of the East.


The cops can't cope with it. The CIA or FBI? Forget it. This is a job that you and you alone must tackle, a job where death would be infinitely better than failure, a job where failure would mean a lifetime of hell.

Coming back from 'Nam, you look for a hero's welcome. You've forgotten count of the desperate missions you undertook to save your combat comrades from death, the times when you risked your life to save the skins of the generals who sat smugly behind the lines directing operations.

But you have become too powerful for these men; a lowly combat soldier should never be seen to be bigger than the Big Boys. So, what do you get? Nothing. If it wasn't for the help of your brother, the professor, your life would be one long story of police harassment and misfortune.


Now, however, it's all gone wrong. The professor and your beautiful niece have been kidnapped, and who's behind it? The self-same terrorist group you thought you'd busted back in Saigon.

Donning your combat gear, you're going back into battle, but this time it's personal - this time it's a vendetta!

That's the name of the game, and there's a fair amount of action to it as well. The terrorists are after the professor's secret weapons formula, and if they don't get it, your kin is in for the chop. You've got to get out there, pick up the trail and snuff them out before time runs out - one hour to be exact.


Keep your eyes open for clues, necklaces, ties, etc... and examine everything you come across, you never know what you'll find.

Early in the game, make sure you find the weapon card to go along with the sleek Ferrari F40, you'll be using it to do a lot of your chasing and it's no good without the extras.

There are also other goodies to be had, such as bullet-proof vests, weapons and crow bars to gain access to those tricky little cases.


When taking on the terrorists, a few quick slabs with your knife should do the job to start with, but don't worry, they get tougher.

To start with, getting used to the joystick movements is an advantage. The game is highly interactive with plenty of movements to perform throughout. Keep a record of what happens on each level as well, there's plenty of adventure to be had and you'll need the know-how to do better next time.

Although the graphics are excellent, they could have been a little more colourful, with the sonix being a little tame to start with. Scrolling a little jerky, but in true System 3 style, the action/adventure more than compensates.

You'll do exceedingly well to win back your family on the first few attempts, while for lasting attraction, once you've mastered a certain routine, you'll want to keep going back to show off your skills.

If it's bright lights and blasting you're after, think again, but if you're into lasting gameplay with plenty of cunning, you're in for a treat with Vendetta.

John Taylor

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