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Last Ninja 2
By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #90

Last Ninja 2

Take on your arch enemy Shogun in a thrilling bout of Oriental artistry.

Your fists and your feet are your only weapons as you enter the fray on the bandstand in New York's Central Park. Do youknow how to use them? If you've read the manual on this little offering, then you should have a fair idea. If you haven't, I suggest that you do.

It isn't that the moves are that difficult, it's just that there are quite a few of them and, seeing that the bad guys are particularly uncompromising in Last Ninja 2, your best bet would be to meet them on equal footing, if you want to stand a chance at success.

Last Ninja 2

Starting off, your first task is to find your way off of the bandstand. OK, so the trapdoor looks inviting, but how do you open it? Well, a quick trip behind the curtain might be advantageous. Here you'll meet your first opponent, and he ain't no slouch either, so work out your moves in advance, decide whether you're going to kick or punch him to death, then go to work.

Each of the successively difficult levels contain a host of puzzles and conundrums for you to solve. Finding keys is the first problem but, after that, be sure to hunt around in every location in order to find extra weaponry, maps, food and credits.

However, don't take too long on your search, or you could find your opponents regaining their senses and wanting to have another bash at you.

Last Ninja 2

The aim of the game is to work your way through the city streets, sewers, on to the Opium Factory, through the office block and, finally, to Shogun's secret defeat, where you must confront your enemy in a final confrontation.

To get there, you'll need all of your wits about you. Watch out for traps and obstacles at every corner and, if you find one you don't seem to be able to overcome, don't forget the old somersault routine. This is extremely handy, helping you to dodge unwanted attention as well as leaping over sticky patches. Master it and it could save your bacon on more than one occasion.

Remember at all times that Last Ninja 2 is designed for three dimensional play, so be careful when you move in for attack, as you could find yourself punching thin air, while your opponent gets in a few free shots at your expense.

All in all, Last Ninja 2 is a cleverly designed offering, giving hours of nailbiting tension as you try to defeat the shogun's hordes. One thing though, this one is a multiload, so don't forget to keep the cassette in while you play. I know lots of you will turn the page after this revelation but, if you have the patience, Last Ninja 2 is certainly a rewarding game, and well worth the wait for the separate levels.

John Taylor

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