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Turbo OutRun
By Kixx
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #85

Turbo OutRun

More blistering race action here, this time in a sixteen stage dash across the USA, taking in all sorts of weather conditions and more obstacles than you've had hot dinners.

Starting off with a few relatively easy jaunts, the action really hots up after the first stage post in Chicago, where you will have to make some important decisions to customise your car. Do you choose high grip tyres, or do you soup up your engines? At first, these options won't seem so crucial but, if you make the wrong decisions later on, finishing the course is going to be murder.

Pushing your F40 Ferrari to the limits, be sure not to let the Porsche 959 out of your sights at any time unless, of course, you are way ahead of it. Keep an eye open for the police and dodge all of the obstacles that fill the road ahead of you.

Racing in the plain light of day is fairly easy, though you will soon have to come to terms with some pretty hairraising storms, sand drifts, snow blizzards and night time racing.

Set to get your pulse rate racing, Turbo Outrun is an excellent race offering, with plenty of variety and plenty of hard work to take on. If you like your driving on the rough side, this should be right up your street.

Jim Johnson

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