Amstrad Computer User

Edd The Duck

Author: Jim Johnson
Publisher: Zeppelin Games
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #88

Edd The Duck

Here we go with yet another full price success story being converted onto the pocket money shelf. Edd the duck is on a meteoric rise to stardom and your task is to keep it that way, despite the constant meddling of Wilson the butler and the ugly Arglefrags.

Taking in three separate departments within the BBC TV building, you must keep little Edd safe from harm to reach ultimate stardom, but it ain't going to be easy.

To help you on your upward route through the bowels of the BBC, the clever Special Effects boffins have developed a special snowball shooter, which Edd can use to freeze his opponents for short periods of time. Use it wisely to lay out the bad guys and get set to move very quickly if you want to succeed.

Edd The Duck

Fighting your way through the adverse weather conditions on level one, your task is to collect twenty stars, allowing you to progress. Get through that little hurricane, and your next stop is the zany atmosphere of the special effects centre.

Anything can happen here, and it usually does so, if you want to keep climbing, keep throwing the snowballs and make sure you grab the stars as fast as you can.

If you manage to make it to the Children's TV episode, you're doing exceedingly well. However, there is no time to get complacent as Wilson plays his trump card, in a desperate attempt to stop you.

Remember, you only have four takes to complete the whole mission, the On Air lights are flashing and the audience is buzzing with anticipation. This is your big chance to take Edd to the top, so you'd better not blow it!

Jam-packed with excitement, Edd the Duck is, above all, fun to play. It may not be the most riveting platform jumper you have tried but, for the budget price, it is good, clean fun and well worth adding to your collection.

Jim Johnson

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