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Titanic Blinky
By Zeppelin Games
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #8

Titanic Blinky

This one appears to have undergone something of a plot overhaul since it was first announced, relinquishing a dubious taste tale of exorcism for the more usual 'defeat madman trying to take over the world' job. How you go about it exactly is something I'm unable to tell you, unfortunately, as the instruction manual is about as much use as an outboard motor is to a squirrel.

Honestly, budget houses aren't renowned for comprehensive documentation, but when you don't even have the most basic idea of what you're supposed to be doing matters are getting beyond a joke.

Consequently, even after the best part of a day's play, all I can tell you is that Titanic Blinky is a cute arcade platformer with neat sound effects and chunky, pretty graphics. You can jump around a bit, you can shoot things sometimes, and, er... it's, um, probably very good, though.

The Bottom Line

Come back Microprose, all is forgiven! This looks like it might be a fun cutie in the Dizzy mould, with big, cheerful graphics and lots of tricky puzzles, but I can't really tell. Sorry.

Stuart Campbell

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