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By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #3


Another timely re-release, this game follows hard on the heels of Predator 2 from Activision, reviewed last issue (where it collected an unimpressive 53% from Gary). It's as simple as its sequel, being a very straightforward horizontally-scrolling shoot-'em-up, distinguished only by some excellently atmospheric sound.

The game itself lacks action, consisting for the main part of trogging uneventfully through the jungle, occasionally being hit by a string of bullets from off-screen, and having to shoot a few soldiers now and again (for reasons curiously unexplained by the plot, which distinctly implies that the soldiers were your buddies, but that they're all dead now).

Sometimes the screen will change colour and a little triangle will appear and move around a bit, and you'll have to avoid it for five seconds or so. This is the eponymous Predator's main role in the game (the triangle is his gun-sight), and if you were thinking that might make the game feel a bit light on confrontational tension, you'd be right.

The jungle maze bit of Platoon (not also on The Hit Squad label) works in a very similar way, and (as well as actually being better at doing much the same thing) it's just one of several varied sections, which makes Platoon a much better buy at the same price. Get that instead.

The Bottom Line

High in atmosphere, but sadly lacking in gameplay. Slow, unexciting and generally quite dull.

Stuart Campbell

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