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Team Suzuki
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Published in Amiga Power #16

Team Suzuki

I must admit that I've never actually ridden a motorbike, and tend to get slightly nervous when one pulls up alongside my Montego. So I'm probably not the ideal chap to be assessing whether Team Suzuki captures that authentic 'riding a motorbike' feel. But I'd have to say that, unless riding a motorbike is almost exactly like guiding a very wobbly collection of filled polygons along a long, winding grey polygon with lots of other polygons rushing past on either side, it probably doesn't.

That might sound pretty damning for a game that essentially revolves around riding a motorbike, but don't write it off just yet. For a start, this got very good reviews when it came out a couple of years ago, and featured some of the fastest 3D graphics ever (at the time)..

It also boasts a breathtaking array of camera angles, most of them next to useless (the looking-up-from-underneath-the-bike one being a case in point). And the one thing it couldn't possibly be accused of is being easy. The other riders all zoom off before you've even finished fastening your helmet, and even if you do get to grips with the wobbly controls the chances of you ever catching up with them are pretty slim.

So it's hopeless as a motorbike simulation, but jolly good all the same, and well worth checking out at this price.

The Bottom Line

Not for the faint-hearted, but plenty of graphics for your money. If it was a bit more realistic, it would be a classic (and no mistake, matey).

Jonathan Davies

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