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Stunt Car Racer
By Kixx
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #9

Stunt Car Racer

In which Kixx up the stakes in the budget re-release market with the first in a series of old MicroProse games which are among the most successful and popular in the Amiga's history. Stunt Car Racer probably represents the zenith of the company's short-lived arcade game period, a stunning driving game set on a series of rollercoaster-like courses which occupies the No. 10 slot in the Amiga Power All-Time Top 100. The Ed loves it more than life itself, and it's certainly in possession of an addictive hook that's as big as the ridiculousness of the whole idea, but there are flaws which drag it down a touch too.

The biggest one is the unforgiving nature of the gameplay - make one mistake and your car plunges off the edge of the track, and it takes so long for it to be winched back on that any chance of beating the computer opponent has completely disappeared. There's also the fact that there's only a dozen tracks, and once you've mastered them all there's very little incentive to continue playing.

All the same, if only for the originality, playability, and the breathtaking feel of insane danger when you plunge off the 'ski-jump', this is a game that you'd be a fool to miss for a mere eight quid.

The Bottom Line

A bit limited, and a lot more fun in two-player mode than with one player, but still a great and original game. More than enough fun for the money.

Stuart Campbell

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