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Super Sim Pack
By U. S. Gold
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #7

Super Sim Pack

Hmm. Okay, International 3D Tennis and Italy 1990 I'll buy, but Crazy Cars II and Airborne Ranger 'simulations'? I can see we're in for some pretty liberal interpretations of definition here, especially the bit about "The very best in sport, driving and airborne action". But, hey, let's not prejudge - let's take every game on its own merits.

International 3D Tennis

International 3D Tennis opens with some of the best computer music ever (the theme from TV's Wimbledon coverage) and features the voice of a real umpire throughout the game. You can view the action from just about any angle imaginable, and the vector graphics serve their purpose admirably. Things fall down a bit when it comes to the actual game though, as the ball tends to wobble about and it's all a touch slow. Neat, then, but not nearly as good as it could have been.

Italy 1990

Italy 1990 (or the marginally updated Winners Edition which is what you get here) was my favourite World Cup games which appeared last year, with its lovely graphics, TV-like presentation and wealth of authentic detail. It was always too easy though, and it's likely to be even more so the second time around. A good solid game, but not a world-beater.

Airborne Ranger

You might not think that MicroProse, with their track record of accurate and involving simulations, would be much cop at arcade games, and you'd be right. Airborne Ranger suffers terribly from MicroProse drowning the vaguely-tolerable Commando-style gameplay in a sea of set-up screens and long disk accesses. Forget it.

Crazy Cars II

And then, well, then we find ourselves right at the bottom of the barrel - Crazy Cars II. Even worse than the original Crazy Cars, Crazy Cars II was almost punk in it's "you don't need talent to write a top-selling computer game" ethos.


In summary then, your 30 quid gets you two okay games and two real sub-PD-quality turkeys. Not a great deal, is it?

The Bottom Line

Nope, sorry, there isn't a single stand-out game in this pack, and a couple of them are truly disgraceful. £30 can get you much more than this.

Stuart Campbell

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