Commodore User

Star Paws

Author: Ferdy Hamilton
Publisher: Software Projects
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #47

Star Paws

Long, long way away from our galaxy. There is a galaxy which is the home for a rare species of bird. This bird is the 'tasty space griffin'. This bird was, in fact, so rare and delicious that it became a form of currency.

A nasty little bunch of alien villains decided that they would try their hand at extortion and flood the market with tasty space griffins by breeding them on a griffin stud farm. Starfleet Command (that's the good guys) decided to send in Captain Neil Armstrong (of moon fame) to kill all the fake birdies and so bring the economy back to its senses again, but the stupid Starfleet computer screwed up [Probably a Spectrum! - Ed] and beckoned captain Rower Pawstrong to aid the mission. You take the role of this not-so-dynamic dawg and only you can save the economy!

The game begins on the planet's surface. Rover must search the surface for supplies dropped down by starfleet's ships. These are needed to enable Rover with his seemingly cruel task of killing the griffins.

Star Paws

The supplies help in different ways. Here is a run down of what you can expect to find and what you can expect them to do.

  1. Anti-Gravity Pad
    A pair of space age roller skates, these. They really let you hang loose!
  2. Rocket
    This is fun. Forget running about and blistering your poor little paws, get in one of these C5s on hovers, and be airborne!
  3. Missile Launcher
    Captain Rover may not be exactly Rambo, but what's to stop him having a bit of hardware and showin' them Griffins that even pooches can be ruthless.
  4. Space Explosive
    A weapon that would give any bloodthirsty sadist a kick. Just press Fire and out comes your explosive kit. Wait until the bird's in range and press Fire to blow it into little bitty pieces.
  5. Matter Transporter
    Choose this and Rover will be beamed to his laser gun by Scotty!
  6. Galactic Burger
    Yes, McDonalds is so popular you can even purchase your fave plastic-burger in space, and it will boost your energy.
  7. Zap Death By Ray Gun
    Maybe not the most spectacular-looking weapon in Rover's artillery, but definitely one of the most effective.
  8. Mining Lamp
    You will need this to see in the mines.
  9. Bonus Puzzle
    Anyone who played Split Personalities will enjoy this one, a jumbled picture of Rover you must re-arrange for bonus points.

The place looks pretty much like your average lunar landscape, but beware the stones which you can fall over and lose energy. So jump these.

There are three sections in the game which you will need to travel to and fro from. These are the planet surface, the mines which you must go down to find more supplies but mainly to find ammo for the laser which as I am about to tell you is the key of the game.

The laser screen is where you will find six of the twenty birds you must kill, it consists of a laser in the foreground and some of the griffins peacefully munching away. The laser at the right trajectory blows these away like sitting ducks. Eight more birds are to be found scattered about the eight levels of the mines and six raoming the planet surface.

This game is good. Exciting gameplay, pretty graphics, and some great Sir Hubbard toons! Software Projects are dark horses, they stay quiet for long periods of time but then they smack you right on the nose with a game like this... and it's only six quid!

Ferdy Hamilton

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