Commodore User

Knight Force

Author: Mark Mainwood
Publisher: Titus
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Commodore User #76

Knight Force

On this planet, thousands of years ago, lived a nation of superior intelligence who had the secret of time travel; but only Helias, the master of the kingdom of Belloth, had the power to use it. Helias knew, however, that the secret could die with him so he set about teaching the Knight of Thunder the powerful force.

When Helias died, the Knight of Thunder was left with a taxing situation. Princess Tanya had been kidnapped by the sorcerer, Red Sabbath, who intended to trap the Knight of Thunder and learn the secret of time travel. The only way to destroy Red Sabbath was to visit the five time zones and construct the amulet of power. All absolute drivel, of course, and an excuse for a bit of horizontal bashing.

You take the role of the Knight of Thunder (well, what else did you expect?) and the idea is to travel to the various time zones and kill the enemy that holds the amulet. You must travel through pre-history, the streets of old Versailles to modern day New York, the future and the mystical zone to complete your quest and save Princess Tanya.

Knight Force

Graphics are exceptional all the way through. There are some really stunning backdrops and, of course, the different time zones means lots of variety. The characters are very large and well defined, there's plenty of detail and some pretty nifty animation too! The only gripe I had is that everything is very dark which makes it difficult to appreciate the graphics and also adds a sombre, dull feel to the game.

Sound is nowhere near as good - although there are a fair selection of spot effects not many of them suit their purpose. Having said that the digitised effects (especially the laughter in the fantasy zone) are worth keeping an ear out for.

A sensible control system means that you can get straight into some serious bloodshed, unfortunately most enemies are susceptible to most offensive moves which removes any strategic element. Because of this and the very limited size of each time zone, Knight Force is very easy and you'll probably have it finished within a few days.

If you're looking for a good beat-'em-up to get your teeth into then steer clear. Knight Force has nothing like the staying power to justify the price.

Mark Mainwood

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