Commodore User

Eye Of Horus

Author: Mark Mainwood
Publisher: Logotron
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Commodore User #76

Eye Of Horus

Long, long ago, before the time of mortal men, gods walked the Earth. One such god, Osiris, reigned as a benevolent king amongst the sweltering sand of Egypt. Under Osiris' reign, everyone was happy and the land flourished. However, some were jealous, and Set, Osiris' half-brother, was most overcome by this evil. In a fit of rage, Set killed Osiris and spread bits of his severed body across the countryside.

At this time Osiris had an unborn son, Horus. When Horus reached maturity his mother told him of Osiris' fate and he vowed to piece his father back together. This done, Osiris' soul could leave for the heavens.

However, the hieroglyphics in Osiris' tomb had what you might call an editorial error. The only solution was for Osiris to breathe life into the tomb so that Horus might correct his mistake. Unfortunately Set was also brought back to life and has one again split Osiris' body. You, as Horus, must repeat history; reunite your father'd body, kill Set and correct the hieroglyphical typing error.

Eye Of Horus

As you move around the tomb there are various amulets that will aid you in your quest, some of which will allow you to call upon other characters.

Being set in an Egyptian tomb you would expect the graphics to be fairly Egyptian-tombish and you'd be right. The only problem is that most tombs look very similar, and this means that the scrolling backdrops soon become boring and give no indication of where you are. The character and enemies also lack variety with the exception of Horus who is well drawn and nicely animated.

An annoying Egyptian-type tune plays throughout the game. It can be turned off but this means you have to endure some pretty weak sound effects.

Eye Of Horus is a typical maze game and a map is almost essential if any progress is to be made. All but the cream of maze games become very samey very quickly; but add to this the repetitive graphics and gameplay and you have a game with all the appeal of a damp lettuce leaf.

Mark Mainwood

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