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Hampstead & Terrormolinos
By Melbourne House

Published in Beebug #39

Terrormolinos And Hampstead

Both these games were originally written for the Spectrum using The Quill adventure writing generator, which has resulted in slightly shorter than usual games with a very similar format. Both games lean heavily on their humour rather than puzzles to occupy the player, and the same pair of authors are responsible for both.

The Terrormolinos plot involves you and your tatty family in a tacky package tour to Spain where you must survive the food, excursions and the inhabitants. To accomplish your mission, you must return having taken ten photographs to prove you really did do all those horrid things the British do when abroad on holiday. The problems contained within are fairly simple and suitable for a newcomer to adventures.

The equally edifying plot of Hampstead is your journey from Council House Prole to Hampstead Yahoo via the Dole Office, Betting Shop and the West End. Remember: always wear the right clothes, eat the right food, and no doubt kiss the right place on the right person!

In both games the dubious, barbed and mocking humour leaves a smell in the nostrils reminiscent of my dragon's sleeping bad. In too many places I felt the authors were sneering rather than laughing. I recommend that some wholesome adventurer escorts these 'closet Yuppies' to the centre of Colossal Cave and leaves them for the trolls.