Amstrad Computer User


Author: Jim Johnson
Publisher: Domark
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #84

Sporting fans rejoice as yet another corking compilation hits the streets.


Sporting fans rejoice as yet another corking compilation hits the streets.

Whether you're into soccer, tennis, the rough and tumble of the race track, or a more sedate round of golf, make sure you have a look at Grandstand before you make your next sporting purchase.

Jam-packed with action, this excellent compilation from Domark starts off with the superb Gazza's Super Soccer, giving you the chance to take on the best of the teams around the country, showing off your footy skills on the way to clinching the league tide, not to mention the cup.

Using the easy-to-follow menu set-up, choose your favourite team, or create a new one to suit your tastes, and then customise leagues and cup championships to challenge your playing prowess.

On the pitch, the graphics are excellent and, even though getting used to the Boot-O-Meter may take some time, the play is smooth and totally addictive. Well worth a bash.

Next in the line-up is the brilliantly devised Pro Tennis Tour, which will have you puffing and grunting your way up the world rankings on grass, clay and cement at some of the classic tournaments on the Grand Slam trail.

Starting off at the opposition in a desperate bid for Formula One status. You get four lives to start off with, so use them wisely to ensure that you qualify on each track to keep your dream alive.

Superbly smooth and featuring some excellent graphics, Continental Circus was a classic in its own right, and is a superb choice for inclusion in the compilation.

Last, but by no means least, why not check out St Andrews or Cyprus Creek for Melbourne Open, your next task is the French Open, before moving onto Wimbledon and home glory.

A spot of practice is much advised, however, before you launch yourself into your career and, with the host of options available, you should be able to take on the best of the rest before too long.

Work out your moves, plan your attack and make good use of the save/load option to ensure smooth progression in this excellent simulator.

For motor racing freaks, what could be better than an outing on eight of the world's best tracks, outgunning the a peaceful eighteen holes of championship golf? If you haven't played World Class Leaderboard before, then you've missed a real treat.

Even though the CPC version lacks some of the more advanced features of the 16-bit offering, there is still a massive array of options to make this little outing totally addictive and a gem to play.

For up to four players, World Class Leaderboard is a must for lovers of the green and well worth having a look at.

All in all, a brilliantly conceived compilation that'll keep you busy for hours. Well done, Domark.

Jim Johnson

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