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Quo Vadis
By Softek
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #079


The increasingly popular arcade/adventure style game is probably shown at its best in Quo Vadis.

Hidden somewhere in a myriad of caverns is a magic spectre. Find this and take off safely with it and you win a real gold and silver sceptre.

The opening scene shows you, a knight, clinging to a rope in a vertical shaft. As you move the screen scrolls past with the knight at dead centre. Climbing down, you'll see several openings to left and right. You must time your leap carefully, only to be attacked by flying beasts. Firing is automatic in eight directions as you move, so making them clouds of dust isn't too tricky. If they touch you or breathe fire on you, bang go valuable points.

You'll come across 38 types of monster ranging from what look like macaws to snakes and winged devil-masks. More likely they'll come across you as they appear out of nowhere when you enter their domain. Killing them may take up to three hits.

The background tune shows off the C64's sound to its best advantage and the graphics are well-done and move smoothly; however, the screens are bare and only two colours at a time is the norm. The main attraction of the game has to be the splendidly generous 118 caverns to explore.

Bryan Skinner

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