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Storm Warrior
By Front Runner
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #079


This is one of those little gems you come across occasionally, full of atmosphere and originality. It's a machine code graphics arcade-adventure, and as such is a cut above many.

As the Storm Warrior, you're a Samurai armed with a white staff. Movement is by a joystick, and you strike out by pressing fire. Storm Warrior uses a fast loader and there are 12 daunting screens of action. You can select from five levels of play and there's a demo mode to give you some idea of tactics.

On the first screen a devil figure leaps from platform to platform above you, hurling missiles at a coruscating fireball. You can redirect the path of the ball by striking it with your staff. Points are scored if you make it hit the demon, without being nailed by his bolts.

In screen two, you find yourself in a storm, lightning bolts illuminate the sky and you're faced with an armed warrior blocking your passage across a shimmering walkway. The third screen features descending birds which will carry you away as well as your points if you don't get them first. Other screens feature scorpions, labyrinthine caverns and much, much more.

The background music sounds vaguely classical and the graphics are a bit sparse and coarse, but the flashing lightning etc adds to the mood.

Bryan Skinner

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