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Carry On Laughing
By Livewire
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #100


A multi-sheet platform game with some neat original touches, Carry On Laughing has you playing the role of a caretaker in St. Hexadecimal's, a school for demented programmers.

Each screen represents a room in the school. The caretaker, dressed in green and looking more like a dandy out of Dickens, has to visit each room to collect up books and remove the graffiti from the walls.

You start in the Dining Hall where a deadly jam roll machine has gone haywire. A steep slide proves impossible to climb up but is a fast way to get back down in a hurry. Seated around the hall are a number of schoolboys - their tables make ideal landing spots.

On the walls are a number of chalk crosses - you turn these to ticks by passing over them. The only way you can reach some of the less accessible crosses is by hitching a lift on a passing bubble. Falling too far or getting hit by one of the rolling jam puds loses a life.

Once the job is done, exits will appear and the caretaker can progress to one of the other eight rooms. These are the biology, chemistry and physics labs, computer room (this looks like a pirate ship!), music room recreation room, clock room and rugby field.

An enjoyable enough game which rings some changes on what is otherwise a well-worn format.

Bob Chappell

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