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Mr. Robot
By Beyond
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #089


Beyond Software has released what I consider to be one of the best platform and ladder games.

One feature alone makes Mr. Robot stand out from the crowd: the ability to design and configure your own screens, and if you've bought the disk version you can even save them for future play. The design option features a wide range of components. Each component is shown as an icon - simply move the cursor to one you like, press the fire button and hey presto, you can replicate that component anywhere on the screen.

Now to the game. You have to guide a walking, climbing, leaping robot around the screen. Passing over every power pill (shades of Pacman!) lying around. To speed the journey there is just about every mechanical aid going, all available for Mr. Robot's use. There are ladders, lifts, treadmills, greasy poles, magnets, transporters and sundry elevators.

Mr. Robot & His Robot Factory

Hazards include plunging off the end of a platform, bombs which start spluttering when touched, then explode a few seconds later, and alien fire. Mr. Robot can surround himself with a protective aura by grabbing one of the many energiser tokens.

There are 22 in-built screens and you can start on any one you like. Each one is tougher than the last. Music and sound effects are good. A freeze-frame facility lets you get your breath back or have a cuppa.

An excellent game, stimulating and challenging. The do-it-yourself design feature is a great bonus. Mr. Robot is a winner.

Bob Chappell

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