Commodore User

Dynamic Duo

Author: Mark Patterson
Publisher: Firebird
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #66

Dynamic Duo

Gor blimey, this bears absolutely no connection whatsoever to Batman and Robin, the original dynamic duo. So whether it's just trying to sell on the name or what, remains to be seen.

In this case, the dynamic duo are a dwarf and a bird. About as dynamic as a clubbed seal. The whole game is set around a mysterious place called the Night House, full of treasure chests and other strange things waiting to be gathered by those brave enough to enter. Determined to thwart your attempt are such monstrosities like the Grim Reaper himself, and all his cronies.

The game is split screen, apart from when the bird is perched on the dwarf's head in which case only the top play area is used. The house is split into various levels which can be ascended or descended to through holes or lifts respectively. The dwarf has the ability to change levels. The bird can only do this while taking a piggy back ride on the dwarf.

Dynamic Duo

The whole game is played in a series of ten levels, each containing a piece of a key; and when all ten pieces are collected, you are allowed access to the dreaded calculation room. The problem is that at no point in the game are you told what the calculation room is for, but I guess it must be pretty important.

The one thing Dynamic Duo lacks in being a two-player game is action. The two player element calls for strategy over real fast-paced action. That's OK for the thinking man but it dampens the gameplay tremendously.

It's very hard to categorise Dynamic Duo. It falls short of the mark as an arcade adventure, and doesn't make it as a shoot-'em-up. In fact, it doesn't have any real style of its own.

Overall, the graphics are quite nice, the backdrops vary enough to give some sense of value for money, and the levels are large enough to keep you busy. The sound though, can only be described as average.

As much as I didn't want to be corny, I just have to say it: this is hardly dynamic.

Mark Patterson

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