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Frost Byte
By Mikro-Gen
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #45

Frost Byte

What do the words Kreezer and twang mean to you? Nothing, or maybe something out of Rainbow or Playschool. Well, you would be mistaken if you thought it was from TV. It is, in fact, some of the various objects which appear in Frost Byte.

You are a Kreezer which is a sort of stereo-typed super maggot cum Sylvester Stallone, armed to the teeth while backflipping like an Olympic gymnast. Your fellow Kreezers have been kidnapped by the ghoulish creatures which inhabit the craters of the planet, and you have to rescue your friends before your twang runs out, twang being a fancy name for time.

To help you on your way there are various bits and bobs such as extra bullets (see where the Stallone connection comes in), sweets are also lying around and so you don't get bored there are different colours - each colour has its own side effects like so:

Frost Byte

Red sweets allow faster movement, but sometimes too fast.

Blue sweets enable your Kreezer to jump higher. You usually find this particular colour by a jump pad (for a little extra help).

Green sweets are probably the most helpful as they allow for you to fall from an increased elevation.

Frost Byte

When you find something killable, you'll find that the killability rating is not so high as you have to be in precisely the right position to hit them. Not very convenient if you ask me.

The Commodore conversion of Frost Byte is, if anything too much of an accurate conversion from the Spectrum as it contains splatterings of colour clash and incredibly Spectrumesque sound effects (like, crumby).

Still a very nifty platform game will brilliant touches here and there which gives the impression that it isn't one of many pieces of half-finished games flooding the market at the moment. Like I said, a slick program that should definitely receive a look-in from platform fans.

Mark Patterson

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