Author: Alan Webster
Publisher: Icon
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #33


Contraption is another cartoon style arcade game from Icon, the publishers of Caveman Capers. The game is similar in concept to Manic Miner and a thousand other similar games. You have to guide your little man, a mad, balding scientist in this case, around a room collecting all the apples before leaving via a door to the next room.

The graphics are outstanding, and the game is very challenging. There are eleven different screens and a host of nasties including a rather fast snail! There are only three keys needed to control your man, for left, right and jump. There are additional keys to pause and restart, and to turn the sound on and off.

The game is similar in concept to Frak! and plays as well, if not better. The colour combinations haven't been used to the best effect with an excess of red, yellow and green. The collision detection is as infuriating as it was in Frak! It can be very annoying when you suddenly die, and the object that killed you missed by a mile.

Overall the price is a little steep at £8.95. If it was priced at under £8 I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it. If you've got the money, give it a try.

Alan Webster

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