By Acornsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #27


Boxer is an arcade style game from Acornsoft of an original nature (I'm sure I've heard the various sounds and noises somewhere before, though!). In Boxer you play the part of an energetic and robust idiot who leaps around a gym attempting to catch fire balloons from the poor damsel in distress with the aim of winning her affection from the other character in the plot, the baddy.

Although described as "fast moving", Boxer does not feature particularly fast graphics, and provided a few hours of frustration before I was able to tolerate the slow response of the game. The graphics themselves are quite attractive, but I don't think these use the available colours as well as they could.

Boxer is an average game that will appeal to some, and create a sense of loathing in others; see it before you buy it!

Alan Webster

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