Space Adventure
By Virgin Games
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #15

Space Adventure

This is an 87 room adventure with a difference. It is entirely in animated graphics. The game involves you trying to find four crystals inside a deserted spaceship. These crystals are hidden behind four locked doors, the keys to which are strewn around the ship.

Your progress is repeatedly hampered by androids who shoot to kill you. If you are not careful, your life support system will become drained and you will die. You can however shoot back at the androids with blasters and phasers, but these too have a limited supply of power.

Randomly positioned around the ship are power-packs which can be used to re-charge either your life support system, your blaster or your phaser.

Overall, an excellent game, with the smoothest graphics I have ever seen; and a very good cassette from this new software company, a subsidiary of Virgin Records.

Alan Webster

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