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Breach 2 Enhanced
By Impressions Ltd
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #10

Breach 2 Enhanced

What, exactly, has been "enhanced" here is a little difficult for me to say, as there are no clues in the instructions and I've never played the original. Be that as it may, we never properly reviewed the previous version, and I did find myself enjoying it immensely. I think it deserves an enlightening paragraph or two.

Playing as a role-playing game, and to refrain from plot regurgitating, you log on as a squad leaders, choose a 'Scenario' (i.e. mission) and then basically have to accomplish a specific task to gain victory upon where your squad leader will move up a rank. The sort of things required of you are to kill off a percentage of the enemy, destroy specific items or simply to get your men to a specific point - you are playing with a team of men, though it's just the statistics of the leader that are important. (In other words, if he dies, it's game over.) Everything is done in the old fashioned role-playing sort of way; small men are moved with restricted movement points over a simple playing area, then, when you click on the 'end turn' box, the enemy (always played by the computer) moves his and so on under a limited number of turns. If you've ever played a standard role-playing game, you've theoretically played this.

Breach 2 is, in truth, about as standard a role-playing/strategy game as you could get, but despite immediate impressions, an extremely well-designed and executed one at that, half an hour of playing reveals a rather reassuring complexity to the game. More scenario disks are on their way, but what sounds more intiguing is the ability to play this game in conjunction with other impressions games all linked into one mammoth adventure, providing possibly the ultimate dream for any true role-playing game fans.

The Bottom Line

A simple-looking role-playing game - nothing new - but with Amiga-standard depth that actually shows.

Rich Pelley

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