Amstrad Computer User

Blade Warrior

Author: Andrew Banner
Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #57

Blade Warrior

Not so much cut and thrust, more leap and bound that in the year 1479 a squire by the name of Helfyre dominated the small village of Loxton. His domination was evil and through the years he had performed numerous dark deeds, disrupting the villagers and causing horrid deaths.

The people had had enough of Helfyre and, in the dead of night, they invaded his castle. There was to be no nonsense. They dragged him out of bed, cut off his head swiftly and proceeded to burn the headless body.

The once-peaceful Loxton people had turned savage and overthrew their dictator. During their glee at being free they forgot one small thing, I lellyre's faithful man servant but, after all, what could he do?

Blade Warrior

Plenty. This loyal subject watched the crowd of jeering revolutionists. Finally they left the scene taking the head with them. He watched and waited until the charred remains of his master had cooled. He gathered them and stole back to a secret chamber where the body was laid to rest, still decapitated, but the servant was unable to find the head of his master. There was much left to do. The body was lifeless but the spirit and soul lived on to cause havoc among the unsuspecting villagers.

Loxton was still very much under the watchful eye of Hetfyre who, in death, had become the Death Demon. Evil deeds were still being done 199 years later and the villagers were once more on the rampage, vowing to destroy the demon once and for all.

It is the eve of 200th anniversary of the death of Helfyre and the villagers know how to end the mindless havoc. You are the Blade Warrior, a ruthless fighter dedicated to freeing the people of Loxton. It is predicted that at the stroke of 12 the demon will unleash a torrent of destruction on the land. The time is 23:50 and you have just 10 minutes to find the skull which has become lost and re-unite it with the skeleton of the evil squire.

Blade Warrior

Blade Warrior is a typical budget release. It incorporates fair graphics, boring animation sequences, rough sound effects and bugs. A bug would seem to be an undocumented game feature these days. What with certain arcade conversions not working properly, some games slip through the rigorous testing of the Darling clan.

The game is of the platform type and is particularly boring to play. A simple plot - find a skull and stick it on the body when you find it.

There is little more one can say about a game which is so much like any other. The graphics are reasonable, the sound is satisfactory. It plays like a budget game - badly - and, for the money it is not a worthwhile investment. It is best to save your coppers and buy a full-price game for fuller enjoyment.

On a final note, Blade Warrior is so clever with a sword that he does not use it - he just avoids those dangerous objects.

Andrew Banner

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