Amstrad Computer User

Total Eclipse II

Author: Andrew Banner
Publisher: Incentive
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #57

Total Eclipse II

Go head-to-head with the curse of the ancients.

Long ago in the mystical ages of ancient Egypt the people were revolting. The High Priest had become angry with his flock who were refusing to continue the sacrifices to the God of the Sun, Re. So great was his anger that he cracked and cast an evil spell over the people.

A shrine was erected in praise of the Sun God. The shrine was in the form of a huge pyramid, with a large chamber atop. The top chamber is cursed. If anything prevents the rays of the sun reaching the chamber during daylight hours the offending object will be turned to dust.

Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx

Today is October 26, 1930 and in just two hours there will be a total solar eclipse. The moon will cover the sun completely and blacken the earth. The moon will be but a memory, the explosion causing the destruction of not only the moon but the surrounding planets of which the earth is one.

You land your clapped-out Sopwith Camel biplane beside the huge structure. Your task is to infiltrate the pyramid and destroy the top chamber before the sun is blocked. Not an easy task but, nevertheless, one you may have done previously, Total Eclipse II asks you to return to Egypt and rebuild a mighty Sphinx which was destroyed in the revolution many hundreds of years ago.

Like its predecessor, Total Eclipse II used the award-winning Freescape 3D graphics technique and good it is, too. The pieces of the Sphinx can be found littered in various subterranean caverns and rooms. You cannot just hang around as you must find and restore the sandstone statue to its former greatness before the next solar eclipse - in just one hour.

Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx

Playing Total Eclipse II is not exactly fun-packed. The graphics are jerky and somewhat slow but do not be deterred. The game may not be the fastest thing since Ben Johnson but it provides the adventurer with a hell of a challenge.

Once inside the maze of tunnels you will find yourself lost and in need of liquid refreshment. Water troughs can be found attached to some of the walls but they are few and far between. It is advisable to make a map of your route so far and to note where water can be found.

Inside there are many raised catwalks. Some are barriered but most are open and falling off is simple. If you fall off you will black out for a short time. Some falls are fatal, so keep them to a minimum. As you wander through the complex you will be informed if there is a piece of Sphinx in the room. Walk over to it and you will pick it up. Many of the doors in the complex are blocked, some by bars, others by debris situated in front. Debris is removed easily - just blast it. Barred doors are not so easy to open and you will need to think about them.

Total Eclipse II is a great game for those with plenty of time on their hands. It is certainly one for adventure fanatics but also if you like a mental challenge you should look seriously at this game.

Andrew Banner

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