Personal Compuer Games

Yumping Yosser

Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Knight
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer Games #13

Yumping Yosser

'Gis a job' is what you might expect from this program but instead of being based on the much-loved Liverpudlian, it is instead a close cousin of a certain crazed miner.

Yosser has been separated from his sweetheart Daisy and has to fight his way through fifteen screens of platforms to find her again.

All the stages take the same general format with a key in the top left-hand corner of the display and a door in the top right. Your task is to get first to the key and then to the door which will lead to the next screen.

Aliens are found in all the rooms and they move left and right on the various floor levels. These can be jumped over and on the later sections this is essential since you appear at the start in some nasty predicaments.

Jumping is done by pressing fire and you automatically leap in the direction you are facing. Careful positioning is required though or you may bang your head on the base of a platform or not make enough height. You can only jump and fall one level at a time and trying to go further will result in disaster.

Bob Wade

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