Yie-Ar Kung Fu II
By Imagine
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #63

Yie Ar Kung Fu II

If you can flog it once, you can flog it twice. That's always been a philosophy close to the heart of software houses. And when you've got a game as good as Yie Ar Kung Fu it's no bad deal for the punter as well.

It's more of the same, a lot of bop, bam, boom as the fists and feet fly in all directions against seemingly endless warlords of the Ye Gah Emperor.

The Kung Fu master you control is Lee Young. In my case he would be better named Die Young because that is what he did. I became very used to ending flat on my back with my legs waving in the air.

Yie Ar Kung Fu II

Right, here's a quick run through of the Emperor's henchmen. First comes wave after wave of midget fighters.

Next up is the first of the real baddies - Yen Pei, who besides having deadly fists and feet, has an iron pig tail which he swings around his head. It also has the unnerving habit of suddenly stretching out right across the screen to thump you straight in the mush.

Each of the following gang has a special feature it's always lethal.

Yie Ar Kung Fu II

Lang Fang has a fan (it's not me) which causes more than a flutter in the breeze.

In earlier versions of the game it wasn't Po Chin's bad breath you had to worry about. It was far nastier and far ruder.

Then there's Wen Hu, with his flying mask, Wei Chin, a boomerang specialist, Mei Ling, who does more than just look daggers at you, Han Chen, who lobs bombs, and finally Li Jen, who's more than a little flash with his lightning bolts.

There are various ways to improve your energy. Knocking out the midget fighters in sufficient numbers gives you a tea leaf. Get five and you can brew up a cup of energy-giving tea.

Great graphics, music and sound effects combine to make Yie Ar Kung Fu II another winner.